From André Gide to Michel Foucault, predatory behavior has frequently hijacked calls for gay rights to justify abuse.
A famous quotation turns out to be a Frankenstein's monster of sewn together parts.
The morally bankrupt mirror of "Rebel without a Cause" exposes the bleakness of 1950s attitudes toward sex and gender and highlights what the movie did…
Berlin's annual film festival celebrates "Rebel without a Cause," with one notable and inexplicable exception.
Exploring the origins of the claim James Dean was sexually abused by a minister.
A prose adaptation of "Rebel without a Cause" offers insight into the many ways Warner Bros. misunderstood their own film.
How a Netflix series about the hunt for the lost city of Atlantis became yet another front in the culture war—and the latest example of elite…
The strange story of how a bad book pushed James Dean back into the posthumous closet.
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