From André Gide to Michel Foucault, predatory behavior has frequently hijacked calls for gay rights to justify abuse.
The campy horror franchise moves away from Gothic fiction to embrace the very worst History Channel UFO conspiracy theories in the woefully misbegotten…
Whether supernatural or digital, this week saw several efforts to capitalize on the spirit of James Dean.
On the anniversary of James Dean's death, I am proud to share my new piece for Esquire on the actor's life and legacy.
In his new book, "Confessions of an Egyptologist," Erich von Däniken recycles medieval pyramids legends and claims a murdered tour guide proved them al…
Netflix's "Q-Force" wants to be a queer "Get Smart," but loses itself in outdated stereotypes and muddled ideas about sex and gender.
How a medieval editing choice created an occult legend about a city that never was.
The new thriller "Survive the Night" desperately wants to be a movie and it shows.
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