I thought Colavito took enough of a beating in the comments on his "Triumph of the Shrill" (oh...that title is sooo clever...) that he wouldn't post here again. The fun part is we now know Jason feels he's lower in the caste system - (JC's tweet) "It's no different here in the U.S. It's always been my problem that I don't know the right people."

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I recall that Colavito wrote on his blog that Jung's ideas were nonsense. Much ado about nothing here. He's trying to get some gullible publisher to bite on his claptrap-filled James Dean gibberish.

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Clearly the ET Super Bees are allied with earth-born Killer Bees and Murder Wasps and Death Moths. Out-of-control sunbursts would spoil their long range plans to take over our planet.

I say we make a mutual defense pact with the Lizard ETs and have them eat every disloyal insect on the globe.

Damn Dirty Apids!

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It's a valid take on the conjunction of the broader issue of national paranoia over the 'Reds' getting the 'Bomb'.

I don't recall the exact timetable but soon after the war my uncle began buying up uranium mining claims, investing every last dime. Him and thousands of others who decried war profiteering but weren't against getting filthy rich on the coming Cold War.

He lost everything when the speculative boom hit the inevitable bubble bust and had to be supported by a loan from my parents (which he never paid back, BTW).

I remember at the time of the Sputnik launch he said he felt it would have been a patriotic investment to make sure they didn't get the bomb into space. Or at least we get there first.

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