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I worry about this as well. What prevents using a living (but perhaps retired) actor in uncontracted roles such as making Robert Downey Jr. seem to appear in Marvel Multiverse or What If? roles, as has been suggested? Current laws may not make such use preventable, just as music publisher copyrights went down the drain with digital downloads. I remember when Nat King Cole's daughter did that virtual duo with her late Dad and raised such a fuss. What if Lady Gaga wanted to do one more "Last Concert" with Tony after his death? Slippery slopes.

The museum sounds more than a bit creepy. Nothing wrong with commissioning the bust, although a much better one was already made from life by the great but little known artist Kenny Kendall. I put out feelers about that original and another made for Steve Reeves with the artist only to see both hawked on Pawn Stars years later. The bronze copy of the Dean bust by Kendall was put up at the Griffith Observatory and promptly stolen and had to be replaced.

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