"which carefully omitted questionable parts of UFO advocates’ pasts"

There are no questionable pasts of "UFO advocates" involved to omit. The fact you're so focused on the background of Leslie Kean and Bob Bigelow instead of addressing the substance of what they report shows you're only interested in discrediting investigation of the topic.

"The news reports created still more Congressional outrage, with each step further legitimizing UFOs as a subject for serious minds. It’s a classic propaganda campaign."

A classic propaganda campaign? I mean, people are definitely trying to raise awareness about the topic a month before a report about it is supposed to come out from the DNI, of course. Why is it propaganda for Congress to request information you don't like?

The tell here is "further legitimizing UFOs as a subject for serious minds." You desperately want to suppress interest and investigation into this topic.

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"abduction researcher Budd Hopkins’ ex-girlfriend, UFO disclosure advocate Leslie Kean, later a member of the Bigelow Institute board of directors"

lmao going through her sex life. Pretty desperate of you really. But are you referring to the institute she joined in 2020 3 years after her publishing of the AATIP article which only tangentially mentioned Bigelow?

"Then, the Times story generated outrage among the soft-minded in Congress, who met with TTSA officials, particularly Mellon, and became receptive to their lobbying for a UFO report. "

Why omit the part about a bunch of classified briefings the Senators couldn't comment on the content of other than to say it was about UAPs?

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"The Bigelow circle, and those adjacent to them in TTSA, generated UFO hysteria by leaking alleged Pentagon UFO videos and sweet-talking their way into the New York Times"

Your whole "everyone is a Bigelow cutout" conspiracy theory (you sound exactly like Glenn Greenwald, btw) fails once you easily observe Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, and John Ratcliffe all had no historical involvement with Bigelow (Lue ran & was involved with the Pentagon's AATIP program, not Bigelow's long form research) yet two sourced the original NYT story & videos to Kean/Blumenthal and have repeatedly advocated for continued rigorous, scientific investigation without dirtying up the topic with extraterrestrials like you try so hard to. All three claim there is extensive government evidence of UAPs yet arent connected to Bigelow at all.

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"Whether Elizondo is imagining metamaterials that turn spacecraft invisible or vehicles crossing between dimensions, the fact that he answered a question about whether UFOs come from outer space by speculating about the nature of reality"

And here you lie again that Elizondo "speculated about the nature of our reality" despite you posting his quote from the NY Post claiming humans "perceive a narrow band of reality" (unquestionably, scientifically true) and that there are things like light that are not visible to humans despite being "right in front of your eyes," which is again unquestionably true.

There was no speculating about the nature of reality there.

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"The second thing Elizondo said that is of deep importance is that he doesn’t actually think of flying saucers as traditional metal spaceships darting between planets."

As I corrected this lie of yours on Twitter multiple times today and yesterday, Elizondo did not claim UAPs are anything. He didn't claim they were interdimenional, alien, human, or anything in between. He literally offered, and your own quote of his interview shows this, a broader perspective of what the origin may be. He never claimed anything like you keep maliciously lying.

This is after him constantly saying we don't know what UAPs are.

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"Congressional appropriation of, basically, $22 million for Bigelow to hunt demons, goblins, and aliens on Skinwalker Ranch led to an office to oversee the contract."

Why'd you lie here that Bigelow's contract was just to investigate "demons, goblins, and aliens on Skinwalker Ranch" in as pejorative a way as you possibly can?

Do we just disregard the DIA scientist who came to Reid saying there were reports on the Ranch said scientist was interested in investigating?

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"Apparently, senators are outraged by the Politico article claiming the Air Force has not fully cooperated in Congress’s required UFO report."

I'm sure they are, as they should be. But Bryan Bender's Politico article on this makes no mention of Congress' awareness or feelings regarding Mellon's assertion that the Air Force is stonewalling the UAPTF. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/03/25/ufo-sightings-report-478104

Why make that unsupported claim?

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"The wording suggests that senators read recent media reports and want to know if the Pentagon is doing anything about flying saucers—a strange request since Congress itself required the Pentagon to investigate UFOs back in the 2000s."

Here's another lie you tell and have been running with on Twitter all day. There is no evidence the SASC Senators prodded the DoD IG to investigate the Pentagon's handling of UAPs because of any news article. On the contrary, we know the Senate is aware of the information sharing problem across government regarding UAPs, which dovetails with the IG's own explanation of the investigation you ignore because you're a sickly propagandist: "The IG Office says the current probe of the DoD’s handling of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena is not an investigation into alleged criminal or administrative violations. Instead, the mission of the evaluation is to 'promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of DoD programs and operations,'" according to Tim McMillan's reporting. This statement seems to imply with "economy, efficiency, and effectiveness" the information sharing/silo-ing angle.

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"The articles, collectively, sought to legitimize the question of flying saucers as a serious issue of national security, relying on the same small group of sources, and they appear to have achieved that goal."

There is nothing in any of these articles attempting to frame UAPs a national security threat as you lie, they simply claim they are unidentified flying things (and sometimes submerging things) in our airspace and waters that needs to be investigated.

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What a gross piece of propaganda. It'll be interesting if you ever allow yourself and your propaganda to be questioned live on camera.

Why won't you do that?

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So happy to have found your articles via Mick West. I've been trying to figure out what is behind this ludicrous new UFO sensation. Thank you so much for all the great information.

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Kick his a$$ Seabass (aka “Corey”)!!

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Just shared this to @fringequest twitter. If you object, Jason, I'll take it down.

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