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Bloch had a lot of issues, aside from literary concerns.

And Dean wasn't the fountainhead of myths about the undying young celebrity taken before his time and miraculously surviving beyond death for a future return. Nor even an exceptional example. That would be the King of Kings (Jesus or Elvis, depending on your belief system's leanings).

And oddly enough real nobility were the few individuals who didn't have to meet the prerequisite of being taken before their time. King Arthur, Charlemagne, etc. were quite mature when death finally claimed them, yet were still rumored to have somehow survived and were just biding their time to return in triumph.

The 'King Beyond the Waters' (Bonnie Prince Charlie) was a notable exception, being closer in age to JFK Jr,. in his latest incarnation (or reincarnation).

It is all just reiterations of the ancient myth of the Vanishing and Returning Redeemer, Zalmoxis/Osiris/Hiram Abif, etc.

Interesting to see the Q brotherhood queuing up willie nillie to witness JFK Sr. and his only begotten son Jr. to usher in the Coming Storm from the fabled Grassy Knoll. Ground Zero in Dealey Plaza. Frankly, Keith Richards looks too old to be JFK Senior, although given the former President's similar proclivities to the rocker he may look worse for wear being just shy of 104 and being dead for almost half as long.

Maybe the 'Lizard KIng' will reappear as ‘Mr. Mojo Risin ’ to make up the triumvirate as the Holy Ghost. Trump curiously seems to have been relegated to the minor role of the Baptist in this latest scenario.

I thought Q Himself would take on that mantle, but he seems content with running for political office like every other Maga schmuck

How the Mighty have Fallen. A prophet without honor in his own country.

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